Become a WSO Professional Member

Being acknowledged as a Professional Member of a safety organization based upon one’s education, years of knowledge, and experience in the Safety field is a goal for many to achieve. Not everyone has the college or university degree that is sometimes required to compete for an advanced level Occupational Safety Certification. Not everyone enjoys the environment of classroom training and potentially taking the computer-type exam, which doesn’t always show one’s true abilities in safety management and/or practice.

There are many Safety Directors, Safety Coordinators, and Safety Specialists in the safety arena who have many years of experience but lack the mathematical expertise to pass a specific safety certification exam. However, by a submission of one’s work/career credentials, résumé, professional references, safety seminar certificates, safety education, and several testimonies from peers showing his/her elite level, safety practitioners and professionals can become a WSO Professional Member upon verification and approval.

Candidate Evaluation Form

This membership level gives one a great opportunity to continue to gain knowledge as a member of the WSO, network with and learn from other members, and attend our annual Symposium featuring world-class safety professionals from around the world presenting various types of safety modules.

The WSO Professional Members are safety, hazard, risk, loss, and accident prevention professionals performing full-time activities in these fields.

Along with the Professional Membership Application, current résumé, and WSO Code of Conduct, the following documentation is to be submitted:

  1. Two Letters of Recommendations as to one’s safety abilities on the job
  2. Two Candidate Evaluations from colleagues, associates, or peers who know of one’s abilities and successes
  3. Supporting documentation to include professional memberships, industry certifications and registrations, educational transcripts, etc.”)

Additionally, a minimum of 15 years of verifiable full-time experience must be met with annual documentation of status or with the following combination of education and experience:

  1. Associate Degree plus 13 years of full-time experience in the safety and/or environmental science field.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree plus 11 years of full-time experience in the safety and/or environmental science field.
  3. Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (or similar/equivalent postgraduate university qualification) plus 10 years of full-time experience in safety and/or environmental science field.
  4. Master’s Degree plus 9 years of full-time experience in the safety and/or environmental science field.
  5. Ph.D. plus 6 years of full-time experience in the safety and/or environmental science field.

Degrees should be in safety, physical sciences, engineering, safety management, security, or other curricula acceptable to the WSO Approval Board. Degrees are to be from approved and accredited colleges or universities.

To request more information and the appropriate forms for application for the WSO Professional membership, please complete the request form below, or find the Professional Membership Application HERE.

Membership in the WSO is open to all individuals and entities involved in the safety and accident prevention field, regardless of race, color, creed, ideology, religion, social status, sex, or political beliefs. All applicants accept that WSO will conduct independent verification of employer, education, credentials, etc.