The theme for the 2024 Symposium is

Adapting Safety to a Changing Landscape


Using the form HERE, please submit an outline/abstract of your presentation. All abstracts submitted will be reviewed, and authors will be notified if the presentation has been accepted. The deadline for abstract submission is May 31, 2024. Upon notification of acceptance, the completed presentation must be submitted before 15 July 2023 for publication in the Symposium Schedule.
& Proceedings.

Papers & Presentations

All papers shall be written in concise English and typed with a minimum font size of 11 points. Papers should have an abstract of not more than 200 words. On a separate page, or in a separate file, the author should supply the author’s name, contact details, professional qualifications, WSO qualifications (when applicable), current employment position, and a brief bio. A current high-resolution photo in JPG or PNG format must also be submitted.

Writers should include all references and acknowledgments. Authors are responsible for ensuring that their works do not infringe on any copyright. Failure to do so can result in the writer being accountable for a breach of copyright. The accuracy of the references is the author’s responsibility.

Papers should be referenced according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 2017.
Books are referenced as follows:
– Author. (year of publication). Title of publication. Place of publication. Publisher.
Articles are referenced as follows:
– Author (year). Title of article. Name of Journal. Volume (issue), page numbers of article.
Internet information is referenced as follows:
– Name of author. (year of publication) Name of Article [online], available http://www. and the rest of the internet path address.

Please submit text composed in Microsoft Word, via email attachment, or copied to a USB drive and mailed to us. Presentations may be submitted in MS PowerPoint format; however, an abstract must accompany it.
Illustrations, tables, and graphs may be included. Color photos are acceptable. All illustrations, tables, graphs, and photos must be labeled.
Statistical data should be expressed in SIUs (Standard International Units), as far as is practicable. If desired, editing is available at the WSO WMC for contributors whose first language is not English.
Reprints: No reprints are available unless requested. There may be a charge applicable for reprints. Please contact the WSO WMC. Copyright of all materials is retained by the WSO; however, requests for reprinting in other journals may be approved.

Copies of the Symposium Schedule are distributed to the Missions of the United Nations, participants at various national and international conferences where the WSO participates, WSO National Offices, participants of the WSO sponsored/co-sponsored seminars and courses, agencies of state/federal/etc governments, libraries of universities, as well as numerous societies and associations (globally).

Schedule of Dates for Speaker/Presenter Documentation

31 May 

Completed “Paper Outline/Abstract” with an indication of the length of the presentation/workshop (30 or 60 minutes).

7 June

Resume/Bio, 100-150 words
Abstract, 150-200 words
Photo in JPG or PNG format

28 June

INTERNATIONAL SPEAKERS MUST HAVE VALID TRAVEL VISA BY THIS DATE TO PARTICIPATE. Request your invitation letter in ample time to schedule your interview.

15 July

Paper for publication in the Symposium Schedule & Proceedings; speaker’s photo and an updated bio.

1 Sept

Conference registration form and payment of fees must be received to confirm participation in the symposium program. Some employer-paid exemptions may apply. Please notify the symposium coordinator if your employer’s funding policy does not allow payment on or before the August 1st deadline.



PLEASE NOTE: WSO does not pay speaker fees or facilitate the travel and other subsistence arrangements for any speaker of the Symposium; all arrangements related to travel, visas, accommodations, and daily subsistence are the exclusive responsibility of the speaker. WSO does, however, offer a discounted registration fee for speakers who wish to attend the entire Symposium.