The World Safety Organization provides a network system to its members whereby professional assistance may be requested by an individual, organization, state, or country on a personal basis. Members needing assistance may write to the WSO with a specific request, and the WSO, through its membership and other professional resources, will try to link the requestor with a person, organization, or resource which may be of assistance.

The WSO publishes the “WSO Consultants Directory” as a service to its Certified Members and to the professional community. Only WSO Certified Members may be listed. The WSO collects data on the professional skills, expertise and experience of its members in the WSO Expertise Bank for reference when a request is received for professional expertise, skill, or experience.

The WSO provides all members with a membership certificate for display on their office wall and an identification card.

The WSO awards a Certificate of Honorary Membership to the corporations, companies, and other entities paying the WSO membership and/or WSO certification fees for their employees.

The WSO members (active) receive WSO News-Letters, WSO Tech-Letters, and other membership publications of the WSO. The WSO members receive a discount on the subscription for the semi-annual publication of the World Safety Journal, published by the WSO.

The WSO members are entitled to reduced fees at seminars, conferences, and classes given by the WSO. This includes local, regional, and international programs. When Continuing Education Units are applicable, an appropriate certificate is issued.

The WSO members who attend conferences, seminars, and classes receive a Certificate of Attendance from the WSO. For individuals attending courses sponsored by the WSO, a Certificate of Completion is issued upon completion of the course(s).

The WSO members receive special hotel rates and assistance when attending safety programs, conferences, etc., sponsored by the WSO.


To request more information regarding WSO Membership and Certification, please submit the form below. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing.

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