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Awareness of Road Safety Signs | Olalokun Soji
Improving Awareness and Understanding of Pre-eclampsia among Pregnant Women | Onyemaonyeoru Agatha Ify
PPP: Enabling New Financing Avenues for Transport Infrastructures in Lebanon | Dr. Elias M. Choueiri
Preventing Work Related Psychological Issues: Depression in Fly-in Fly-out Workers and Prevention Strategies | Zoe Moir
Climate Change Action – The Time Is Now! | Agharese Lucia Ojelede
Safety Climate and Risk Attitude | Wian Marais and Dr. Janis Jansz


Back Pain | Taryn Keyer
Relationship between Good Business Management and OSH | Dean Lobo
Workers Aged 20 Years and Younger | Daniel Smith
Benefits of Having Corporate Social Responsibility | Davina Kalilima
Organisational and Safety Culture | Wian Marais and Dr. Janis K. Jansz


WSJ Vol. XXVII No. 4

Safety Culture: Lessons Learned from Construction | David P. Gilkey and Carla Lopez
Is Safety Good Business? | Cassandra Saldaris
The Role of Human Rights and Labour Practices in Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility | Ben Banyai
Motorcyle vs Automobile – Safety in Print! | Steve S. Austin
Mainstreaming Occupational Safety and Health into Education: An Analysis of Good Practice | Ulrike Bollmann, Robert Gründler, and Matthew Holder

WSJ Vol. XXVII No. 3

Preventing Bullying | Marina Vranjkovic
Relationship between Good Business Management and Occupational Health and Safety | Andrea Oorjitham
Rotator Cuff Syndrome | Ashlyn Dyer
Occupational Asthma | Dr. Jennifer Graham Taylor
Safety Leadership: A Review of Management | Adam Fewster

WSJ Vol. XXVII No. 2

Good Safety Management Makes Good Business ‘Cents’ | Jessica Lawer
Occupational Disease Caused by Asbestos Containing Materials | Brittney Heath
Workers Compensation Claim Barriers | Bee Kim Poly Wong
BOOK REVIEW: Rehabilitation. Work and Beyond | Dr. Janis K. Jansz
Safety Culture to Gain Commitment for Good Occupational Health and Safety in the Workplace | Sandra Yu
How Do Ergonomic Factors Affect Perceptions of Students’ Online Learning in Tertiary Education? | Dr. Janis K. Jansz, Dr. Rebecca Walker, Dr. Joo Hwa Bay, Nisha Paudel, Abu Yousuf Swapan, and Ria Smith

WSJ Vol. XXVII No. 1

They Say I Can Clearly See – but Can I? | Darren Delaney
Development of an Analytical Grid to Compare Policy Aspects of OHS Qualification Frameworks | Wendy Mirza
Quad Bike Safety: A Review of Associated Safety Hazards | Adam Fewster
The Benefits of Incident/Accident Investigation | Dr. Donald Rhodes
Learning from Past Mistakes | Nathan Willows and Dr. Janis K. Jansz


WSJ Vol. XXVI No. 2

WSO Achieves International Accreditation for Certification Program
Risk Management in the Western Australia Mining Industry | Dr. Janis K. Jansz and Lynette Gilbert
Accidents, Injuries, and Deaths: Measuring Perceptions of Personal Safety in Saudi Arabia’s Workplaces | Majed H. Moosa
Barriers and Interventions into Providing a Safe Working Environment for Employees within Small and Medium Enterprises | Wendy Mirza
The Pyramid Effect: Key to a Positive Safety Culture | Monica P. Cervantes
The Risk Management of Community-Acquired Pneumonia Caused by Clinically Diagnosed Legionnaires Disease | Moriah Moylan

WSJ Vol. XXVI No. 1

Workplace Safety and Health Issues in Secondary Schools | Teresa A. Gigengack
Saudi Railway Expansion Programme
| Prof. Dr. Elias M. Choueiri, Prof. Dr. Georges M. Choueiri, and Judge Dr. Bernard M. Choueiri
Developing a Positive Safety Culture
| Win Bo
Safety Tools of the Trade: A Learning Experience
| Steve S. Austin, WSO-CSI(ML)
Travelers Lured Abroad by Great Holiday Deals Urged to Remember Travel Health
| Prof. Peter A. Leggat, WSO-CSE/CSS/CSSD
30th WSO Symposium Call for Speakers and Registration
| WSO World Management Center


WSJ Vol. XXV No. 3

An Evaluation of How Safety Management Systems are Improving Safety Outcomes within a Western Australian Second Tier Commercial Construction Company | Kent Baker and Dr. Janis Jansz
Workers’ Noise Induces Hearing Loss in the Agricultural Sector and Other Industries | Lee-Mark Anthony
Employees’ Barriers to Making a Worker Compensation Claim in Australia | Bee Kim Poly Wong
Preventing Bullying Can Increase Productivity Levels and Reduce Negative Health Effects | Marina Vranjkovic
Solid Waste Management in Lebanon | Drs. Elias M. Choueiri, Georges M. Choueiri, and Bernard M. Choueiri
Establishing New Employees: A Review of Literature on employee and Employer Factors in New Employee Retention, Highlighting the Importance of “On-Boarding” | Jack Warren

WSJ Vol. XXV No. 2

Safety Auditing: Development of Positive Performance Indicators | Dr. Milos Nedved
Examine the Relationship Between Safety Culture, Safety Climate, and the Role Leading Safety | Khaled Chiri and Dr. Janis Jansz
Workers Ages Twenty Years or Younger: Harassment of Young Workers in the Workforce | Adam Wong
Railway Developments and Safety in the MENA Region: A Selection | Drs. Elias M. Choueiri, Georges M. Choueiri, and Bernard M. Choueiri
Safety Culture to Gain Commitment for Good Occupational Health and Safety in the Workplace | Sandra Yu
Mining Truck Related Accidents: Multi-Objective Economic Optimization of Safety | Dr. Saeid R. Dindarloo and Elnaz Siami-Irdemoosa

WSJ Vol. XXV No. 1

Safety Auditing: Development of Self-Audit Systems | Dr. Milos Nedved, FSIWA, MAHRI
Creating a Safe Workplace in a High Risk Tree Lopping Industry | Reece Hall
Fundamental Safety Requirements for Warehouse | Venugopala Rao Vakada CSA, WSO-CSS
Perceptions of the Pre-Employment Medical | Phillip Meyerkort MBBS (Hon), BSc (Hon), M. Occ. Med.
Noise Exposure Assessment for Racing Car Drivers | Kareem Magara


WSJ Vol. XXIII No. 1

Letter to the Editor – Mining in Australia: an Aging Workforce | Madeleine Holloway
Safety Auditing: Development of Audit Protocols | Dr. Milos Nedved
Human Interaction within OHS Management Systems | Adam Fewster
Overview on Major Hazard Installations | Venugopala Rao Vakada
Confined Spaces: for Rescue…to Whom Do You Turn? | Jeff Beeler


WSJ Vol. XXII No. 1

Letter to the Editor – Gaining Commitment to Good Occupational Health and Safety | Katie Hirst
International Solutions for Improving Community Health and Workplace Safety | Dr. Janis Jansz, Robert V. Trapani, Robert Brandys, Gail Brandys
Safety Auditing | Prof. Milos Nedved
Contractors Benefit from Safety and Environmental Audits | Dr. Donald E. Rhodes
Considering Cognitive Ergonomic Factors to Prevent Accidents | Dr. Janis Jansz


WSJ Vol. XXI No. 1

The E-Waste Problem of Nigeria & Proposed Solutions | Innocent Ufomba C.
A Study of the Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Developed in the Workplace | Amar Sarajlic
Book Review:  Management Obligations for Health and Safety, by Gregory W. Smith | Dr. Janis Jansz
Spinal Cord Injuries: The Impact, Effect, and Returning to Work | Felicity Hansen


WSJ Vol. XXI No. 1


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