Three weeks ago, the company that I have been with for nearing 40 years did away with my safety position and laid me off, telling me that I will never be back. I have NEVER drawn unemployment in my life and had signed up but still wanted to go back to work ASAP.

I called one company and mentioned that I was laid off and within 10 minutes had a job in my field of safety, without even having to fill out an application or send a résumé. What they saw was the list of WSO certifications on an email I sent them a few months back, which sealed the deal.

The moral of the story?
WSO Certifications don’t cost … they pay!
To top this off, it’s 15 minutes from home.

Thank you, World Safety Organization!

James E. Boivin
Safety Engineer
Member, WSO Certification Board


American Welding Society
  • Certified Welding Inspector
  • Certified Welding Educator
World Safety Organization
  • WSO Certified Safety Specialist (Welding & Cutting Processes)
  • WSO Certified Safety Specialist (Loss Control Science)
  • WSO Certified Safety Executive
  • WSO Certified Safety Manager
  • WSO Certified Safety Technician
  • WSO Certified Safety Instructor (Master Level)
  • Expert Witness, New England – Welding & Cutting Processes


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