Frequently Asked Questions

  • Annual Symposium
  • Do you have to be a member of the WSO to attend the WSO Symposium or to be a speaker?

    No, the WSO Symposiums are open to everyone wishing to attend or to participate as a speaker/presenter.

  • Certification
  • How long does it take to complete my certification?

    Once we have your application for certification, the two candidate evaluation forms, and a current resume/CV, we will process this package and send it to the WSO Certification Board for their evaluation. It takes four to six weeks to get the Board responses back in our office. If you are approved for a certification that does not require an exam, as soon as you pay the required fees your certificate will be forwarded to you. If you are approved for a certification that does require an exam, we will need to set up a date, time, and place for you to take the exam. How soon you take the exam is generally up to you. Once the exam is complete, the exam is generally graded and evaluated within two to three days.

  • Do you have a study guide?

    No, we don’t. However, in the back of our information booklet we have a section called “About WSO Examinations”. This section gives you Core Reference Material, and Supplemental References Material, including some sample questions.

  • How long is the exam?

    Exam times will vary by exam. You will have from two to three hours to complete your exam once your time period has started.

  • Membership
  • How long does it take to process a membership applications?

    After we receive your application in our office, the WSO makes the concerted effort to have your membership processed and mailed back to you within 2 to 3 business days, after we receive it in our office.

  • How much is membership?

    The Associate membership is $55.00 U.S. funds; the Student membership is $35.00 U.S. funds; for the Affiliate membership contact our office; for the Institutional membership it is $185.00 U.S. funds; and for the Sustaining/Corporate Membership it is $1000.00 U.S. funds.

  • If I want more information about Membership, Certification or the WSO Conference how do I get it?

    Send an email to with a name and address to which you would like us to mail information. You may request information via telephone by calling (660) 747-3132. You may also fax your request to (660) 747-2647. Finally, you may mail your request for information to: WSO World Management Center, PO Box 518, Warrensburg Missouri 64093 USA. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you...we are here for YOU!