2018 WSO Symposium

Fulfilling the Need for Quality Safety Professionals around the World”

The WSO Symposium will provide a unique opportunity for the corporate managers and executives, safety, health & environmental professionals, advocates of safety and accident prevention, leaders of safety organizations and WSO members from around the world where the WSO is represented through the WSO International/ National Offices, WSO Chapters, and individual members. Participation in the Symposium will provide a forum for information exchange, networking, professional contact with other members, safety professionals, but most of all, learning about new programs and professional knowledge at sessions, panels and workshops presented during the Symposium. As a part of the program, Symposium participants are invited to take part in the “WSO Global Safety Roundtable” discussion where the suggestions, comments, resolutions, etc., will be formatted for submission to governmental legislation and Missions of the United Nations, International Labor Organization, World Health Organization, and similar rule-making groups on the local, national and international levels.

Please click HERE for a list of our speakers.

Symposium topics include, but are not limited to: occupational safety and health, environmental safety and health, ergonomics, systems safety management, security, industrial hygiene, hazardous materials management, transportation safety, construction safety, off-the-job safety, recreational safety, safety of the workplace, disaster preparedness, as well as legislative topics on the national and global scale.

The Symposiums of the World Safety Organization are always international in scope. WSO members from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas are frequent participants at the WSO Symposiums and Congresses.

WSO Awards Banquet is scheduled on Monday evening, September 17, to honor the individuals, corporations, organizations, and other groups for their concerns in the protection of people, property, resources, and the environment. We hope you’ll choose to join us!

For More Information or to Register, please contact:

Perry L. Ballard | Ballard Safety LLC | 1-240-217-0014

WSO’s 2017 and 2018 Safety Professional of the Year and WSO West Virginia Board Member