2018 Speaker Spotlight: Estrin and Rezac


Safety Expert/Expert Witness, Stephen A. Estrin & Company, Inc. | Florida USA

Dr. Estrin received his PhD from NOVA Southeastern University where his Dissertation was entitled, The Impact of Leadership Strategies on Perceived Climate of Safety at the Construction Job Site. He received his MS from Columbia University where his field of study was Social Policy/Systemic Theory. He is presently an Adjunct Professor at Columbia.

Since 2012, he has been a regular contributor to Construction Today, a leading construction industry journal where he provides articles on all facets of construction safety management. More recently, he has become a regular contributor to the AGC Constructor Magazine and the NDA Demolition Magazine, providing articles on construction/ demolition safety management related to general specialty and demolition contractors belonging to these organizations.


Despite the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) more than 30 years ago, the construction industry is in conflict with itself. It is locked in a struggle to effectively keep its workforce protected from unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, or a combination of both. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nearly 6.5 million people work at approximately 252,000 construction sites across the United States every day, with the fatal injury rate for the construction industry higher than the national average when compared to all industries. There have been many studies documenting these conditions, but no study has examined leadership styles and their impact on the climate of safety. This study examined the relationship between management’s leadership style and the perception of a climate of safety; the relationship between workers’ perception of leadership style and the perception of a climate of safety; and the relationship between the size of the workforce, the manager’s leadership style, and the perception regarding the climate of safety. The outcomes contribute to the field of conflict resolution as they offer the ability to move from incongruities regarding perceived worker safety to discussions and solutions that are aimed at influencing those policies and procedures at the organizational level that will ensure that a construction worker can perform his or her job free from dangerous work conditions.


Risk Control Consultant, WVCoRP | Pennsylvania USA

Mike began his career in risk control in 2010 as a consultant with a large national insurance carrier. He worked directly with commercial accounts in order to assess their exposures and develop plans to mitigate their risk while also functioning as a field trainer for new hires. He later accepted a position doing property inspection and underwriting survey work on a contract basis for numerous carriers. In 2014 he transitioned from the commercial insurance sector and now works as a risk control consultant with public entity self-insurance risk pools in Virginia and West Virginia. He oversees the risk control program for the West Virginia Counties Risk Pool and performs various risk management functions such as developing and facilitating in-person and web-based training, conducting property inspections, and providing risk management consultation services.


Great strides have been made to reduce the number of deaths on our roadways over the last several decades; however, motor vehicle accidents remain one of the most common causes of injuries and fatalities both on and off the job. These accidents are largely driven by human error, making it imperative that we not only avoid unsafe behaviors ourselves when driving, but also continuously drive in a state of awareness of the mistakes that other drivers could make as well.

We will explore the psychological barriers such as the optimism bias that can blind us to the hazards of driving. We’ll examine some of the most common errors that drivers make behind the wheel with a heavy emphasis on distracted driving and the effect of distractions on the brain. Finally, we’ll discuss the techniques and habits that we can develop as defensive drivers in order to reduce the risk of accident as much as possible.


Meet Dr. Estrin and Mr. Rezac in Charleston during the 2018 WSO Symposium!

September 17–19, 2018
Marriott Charleston Town Center | Charleston, West Virginia, USA


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