2018 Speaker Spotlight: Harding


Senior Loss Control and Risk Management Specialist, Markel Insurance | Virginia USA

Mike Harding is currently a Senior Loss Control Specialist for Markel Specialty Insurance Company with more than 30 years’ experience in safety management, fleet and driver safety programs, risk consulting and risk management throughout a broad range of businesses. He has held several corporate safety and risk management positions with Fortune 500 companies including Advance Auto Parts, Walmart and in his current role at Markel, he supports the Specialty Division product offerings by assisting clients with risk mitigation initiatives for social service and child welfare organizations, non-profit organizations, museum and cultural institutions and other specialty niche industry groups for Markel. This includes a wide range of driving exposures. Mike is a graduate of West Virginia University with an Undergraduate degree in Education and a Masters’ degree in Safety Management. He is certified by the World Safety Organization as a Certified Safety Executive.


All too often organizations “hand over the keys” to company vehicles to unprepared employees with a simple suggestion to “Be safe out there?”. During this interactive session we will discuss best practices that safety professionals can employ to initiate a Driver Safety Program to lessen the many preventable risks associates with having ANYONE drive on behalf of your organization. Attendees across a broad spectrum of experience levels will benefit from this session by learning to manage and mitigate a wide array of driver risks. Come prepared to share what IS (or what isn’t) working for your organization with respect to driver risks. Stop naively handing the key to your reputation and assets over to unprepared drivers. Join us to learn what you can do to manage driver risks. During this interactive session we will cover:

  1. Ways that senior management can effectively support your Driver Safety Program
  2. Selection criteria for drivers
  3. Evaluation driver candidates
  4. The use of written policies and procedures
  5. Driver training – what should you do?
  6. Reporting incidents – do your drivers know what to do (and what NOT to do)?
  7. Inspecting and maintaining your vehicles


Meet Mr. Dimayuga and Mr. Harding in Charleston during the 2018 WSO Symposium!

September 17–19, 2018
Marriott Charleston Town Center | Charleston, West Virginia, USA


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