WSO National Office of the Year: WSO National Office for Nigeria

The WSO Chapter/WSO National Office of the year award is presented annually to recognize exceptional effort on the part of a WSO Chapter/WSO National Office membership to promote WSO and the organization. Any WSO Chapter/National Office in good standing is eligible for this award.



Soji S. Olalokun, Director, WSO National Office for Nigeria

WSO National Office for Nigeria | Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

WSO National Office for Nigeria has since inception provided the WSO-WMC candidates for professional membership, thereby boosting the number of WSO global membership network and still counting with the assistance of UBTH and DanaRich limited. WSO Nigeria has provided training and manpower development in the areas of safety and allied field with the help of UBTH and DanaRich Creative Concept Limited.

WSO Nigeria has promulgated professional expertise and contacts in both Government and Private and the public in creating enough awareness for people to join the global campaign and achieving the WSO motto: making safety a way of life worldwide. The trust of it shows in all their activities within the year under review.

WSO Nigeria has given out awards, to some organization, recognizing their contribution to building safety consciousness in the most populous nation in Africa and still counting with the assistance of UBTH and DanaRich limited.

WSO Nigeria has also contributed to WSO-WMC newsletter and website through her chapter activities locally with personnel and facility support from UBTH and DanaRich limited.

WSO Nigeria organized and celebrated the 2016 edition of World Day for Safety and Health at Work in 3 locations (Lagos, Benin and Abuja) in collaboration with the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) Lagos, and the International Labor Organization (ILO), with over 600 participating organizations and institutions, and individuals with resounding success in these locations. It was an unprecedented event.

In a prelude to the Maiden edition of “WSO Nigeria National Merit Awards,” WSO Nigeria gave out awards to persons and organizations that distinguished themselves in Public Health and Safety during the International Volunteers Day 2015 in Nigeria by partnering with the Nigerian Red Cross to achieve these goals. This has put WSO at large in the front burner of where she belongs in the safety profession; internationalizing safety, while supporting and encouraging those engaged in the fields of Public Health, Safety, Environment and Security.