WSO Donald E. Rhodes Honorable Mention Certificate: Odiboh Kingsley Osamudiamen

An Active Member of the WSO who has shown an above average dedication and promotion of occupational and environmental safety and health through development and implementation of the training programs in these fields.

Odiboh Kingsley Osamudiamen | Edo State, Nigeria
Through his leadership as the current Vice President for National Operations of WSO in Nigeria, he continues to show unwavering support for the organization to achieve respective goals. Specifically, Mr. Kingsley takes charge of all operations-related activities and sees to it that all communication collaterals are of excellent quality and clearly conveys the World Safety Organization’s vision of making safety an utmost priority by contractors, the labor force and other professionals. More than this, Mr. Kingsley is also to be commended for his constant efforts to effectively manage the funds of the organization and is also committed to the Red Cross Chapter in Nigeria. Mr. Kingsley truly embodies the characteristics of a WSO Concerned Citizen Awardee, an individual who has the passion to serve his local community and is dedicated to protecting people, property, resources and the environment.