WSO Concerned Company/Corporation: Zachry Construction Corporation

A Company or Corporation who is actively (and above-average in) contributing to the protection of people, property, resources, and the environment through innovative programs; shows distinctive concern for the well-being of its employees and local community.


Ed Hogue, Dave Roberson (Zachry Construction Corporation, Texas), and Alfredo De La Rosa, Jr.

Ed Hogue, Dave Roberson (Zachry Construction Corporation, Texas), and Alfredo De La Rosa, Jr.

Zachry Construction Corporation | San Antonio, Texas, USA
Zachry Construction Corporation has been in the Construction business since 1924 when their first construction project began in Laredo, Texas. Since then, their commitment to safety providing quality craftsmanship has never wavered. Their commitment to safety has a long standing – in the early 1940s Zachry hired their first Corporate Safety Administrator, long before the industry sought this type of person. Zachry’s Corporate Value, “Together We Can Do Great Things,” is an unconditional responsibility for all personnel to “challenge ourselves and one another to excel in all our undertakings and to take pride in what we accomplish together”. They accomplish this through industry-leading processes and systems, and a corporate culture that places safety at the beginning of everything they do. But beyond their culture and processes, Zachry creates and maintains safe workplaces by focusing on the individual and demonstrating genuine care for the health and welfare of each and every craft and technical employee. Their culture promotes teamwork, trust, and a passion for safety that is integrated with systems, processes, technology, and education in their operations. This approach promotes a pervasive safety program that is best in class. The result is one of the best safety performances in American Industrial Construction. Their greatest reward is knowing that they continually create a unique environment that employees and contractors can depend on to keep them safety and injury-free.