WSO Concerned Company/Corporation: DanaRich Creative Concept Limited

Company or Corporation who is actively (and above-average in) contributing to the protection of people, property, resources, and the environment through innovative programs; shows distinctive concern for the well-being of its employees and local community.

DanaRich Creative Concept Limited | Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
DanaRich Creative Concept Limited was incorporated in February 2012, as a private company responding to individual, organizations, and government needs in Safety Management, and Executive Training. The outfit is passionately driven by the need to sustain, protect and maintain lives and properties for their clients and the society at large. Knowing the severe safety challenges that beckon daily at the door of the average Nigerian, they have been fully committed to understudying their unique environment and situations, proffering brilliant, time-tested, and workable solutions – an edge that has carved a niche for them in the safety management business. Since inception, their safety solutions have largely remained unbeaten, and as such breaking new grounds has become their drive and magnificent compulsion. They have remained ahead of strong competitors in the safety business; their secret simply lies in their ability to see far ahead. Like they say “We don’t think outside the box.” To them, the box does not exist. This is what influenced their international affiliations and collaboration with renowned international organization in the safety profession. In 2012, DanaRich Creative Concepts Limited co-sponsored the WSO National Office for Nigeria, making the institution an international supported of the WSO motto, joining to: “Making Safety A Way of Life … Worldwide.” In October 2012: Consulted for Christ Embassy (Believers’ LoveWorld Inc.) on crafting and delivering a Community Development Service Project centered on “Road Safety, Defensive Driving and Emergency Response and Preparedness” for drivers, commercial and private, and motorbike riders in the Edo State, Nigeria. Since the inception of WSO International Office for Nigeria, DanaRich Creative Concepts Limited has supported and provided operational logistics support for the WSO Office; including training, supply of manpower to mention a few, in actualizing the desired aims and objectives of the WSO National Office. Their mission is to drive new ideas, stimulate sustainable development and lead excellence in the market place. Their vision is to be a global resource center for building dynamic, innovative and principled leaders, who will impel action towards sustainable leadership development and making safety a way of life, everywhere.